FEDAI is the Spanish Federation of Association of Industries and Exporters of Decorative Lighting Fixtures.

All individuals or legal entities may become an associate member of FEDAI if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Are a Spanish association or company which has been, or is being legally founded in Spain, and belongs to the lighting sector.
  • Fulfills the required application in compliance with the legal statutes.
  • Are devoted to the manufacture, marketing and exportation of decorative lighting fixtures, regardless of their territorial scope and the legal form they adopt.

The applications for membership must be sent in writing to the president of FEDAI, in a certified document, as required by the federation bylaws, and it will then be forwarded to the board of directors.

After the approval of the application by the board of directors, where required, their rulings will be confirmed by the General Assembly in the first meeting that is held, and associate member will then be notified of the acceptance.

Documents to present for the membership application:
Membership Application Download.

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  • Phone: (+34) 673476248

  • Email: info@fedai-dec.com