A major part of the European Union’s production in the sectors related to home decoration and furnishings belong to high quality, A major part of the production regarding sectors related to decoration and household furnishing in the European Union is a focus of quality and fashion, and due to its tradition, diversity of products and constant innovation, there is a strong association with products of excellence. For this reason, the distinctive label of MADEINEUR (Made in Europe) has been created with the objective to enhance the brand image of products manufactured in Europe. The products covered by the label fulfill specific requirements of quality, uniqueness and European origin, and belong to the sectors involved in interior design and home decoration.

Made in EUR Label

Advantages for the manufacturer

  • Added-value to products covered by an excellent trademark which guarantees importers, distributors and consumers of a differentiated and premium quality product. Only products that comply with all requirements can obtain this label.
  • Protection of original products against the competition from other producing countries.
  • Visibility and recognition of the products designed and controlled in Europe.
  • Prestige: demonstrates the commitment of the business to deliver full customer satisfaction with the foundations of the European guarantee.
  • Reliability based on the fact that the commission in charge of granting the trademark is composed of representatives involved in the production process, purchasing process and the overall use of the product.
Advantages for the distributing agent

The distributor, retailer or the lighting designer/consultant will benefit from the warranty that the product is supported by a quality label based on criteria of design and origin, and complies with all standardized manufacturing parameters. This quality label of MADEINEUR, alongside innovative marketing strategies will help towards an increase in sales.

Advantages for the consumer

The final consumer will have confidence upon purchasing products supported by the MADEINEUR trademark. The guarantee of quality standards in the design and the assurance of efficiency in the manufacturing process ensure that the lighting products purchased will reliably fulfill the consumers’ expectations. In addition, products bearing the esteemed label MADEINEUR possess greater prestige and exclusivity in the market, which increases the perception of quality in the eyes of the consumer.

Which companies can use the MADEINEUR label/trademark?

  • The trademark will be awarded to every product or portfolio of products that comply with the required criteria.
  • The trademark is made up of identifiable graphical elements that appear on a label, but it can be used in any other formats for promotional purposes
  • The trademark is available to products of a European origin
  • The trademark covers all products from the lighting sector

In order to obtain this quality label, the company and the product must comply with the specific requirements.

Steps to obtain the quality label/trademark:

  1. You must send FEDAI the completed application form.
  2. The regulatory commission of the label will evaluate your application
  3. Once the use of the label has been granted, you will receive a certificate.
  4. FEDAI shall provide printed labels for €0.25 per unit
  5. Alongside the label, you will receive an explanation brochure which is published in Spanish, English, Russian and Arabic.

To find out more information, you may contact:

M. Ángeles Muñoz
Paula Moliner
Tel. (+34) 673476248

Download the requirements for the company and product.
Download the brochure.
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