Spain can be considered as one of the main producers in the light fixture manufacture and exportations, and is ranked among the top 10 producer countries. At the moment, Spanish lighting sector has its own identity and enjoys a growing international reputation.

In recent years, and despite the crisis, the trade balance has become positive again which means we export more than we import. The growth of exports is approximately 20% each year.

Historically, the countries in our geographic environment, such as France, Germany, Italy and Portugal, have been, and continue to be the main recipients of our exports. However, the sales of Spanish light fixtures have significantly grown in Russia, China, Arab countries and Latin America.

The creativity of our designers, intertwined with the historically solid Spanish tradition in creative arts is apparent in not only classic, but also innovative lighting designs.

It is also characterised by the use of natural and highly valuable materials, for example the use of alabaster in the past, which was a material almost non-existent outside of Spain. In recent years, the Spanish lighting sector has benefitted from adopting state-of-the-art, eco-efficient technologies such as LED and the integration into new SMART technologies, which has been incorporated into both modern and classic designs.

The search for quality materials, as well as R&D, comprise an irreplaceable aspect of ´know-how’ for companies that work with a vision which is focused on the global scene. We are also devoted to adapting to new investigations and developments such as Human Centric Lighting.

Within the field of business, during recent times, our companies have made a major effort to adapt to the new realities of the market. The response to the ferocious competition of reduced prices in the Asian market has been to enhance technical quality, safety and design, and also offering the possibility to ‘customize’ the products by adapting them to the specific demand of each customer.

Many Spanish lighting companies participate in the most important trade fairs all over the world, and their products are commonly found in specialized forms of media with great international relevance.

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