The web page of was created in 2017 as an ecommerce business with the intent of contributing towards one of the main aims of FEDAI; to enhance and develop the trademark of Spain in the lighting sector. The web site is an exclusive and respected European platform to showcase the quality of Spanish manufacturers, and connect with an international audience. It was founded as the first online shop for Spanish light fixtures which offers the choice for manufacturers to directly connect with either final consumer (B2C), professional customers (B2B) or both.

From the outset, the project of has received all possible backing and support from both Spain´s Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX), and the Valencia regional government (GVA). This assistance has supported FEDAI in continuously improving, in order to enhance the site for the associates of FEDAI. unites the best Spanish lighting products in all styles – classic, modern and contemporary. We facilitate the navigation amongst the different types, styles and uses of lighting as there is a great contrast throughout the decorative fixtures offered on our website. Although there is diversification and variation of the products of our associates, they are all connected by the common nexus of quality Spanish design.

What can offer to Spanish businesses?

  • An international online sales channel available for all associates of FEDAI at a reduced cost.
  • A range of flexibility regarding where, who and what to sell in selected countries.
  • In depth information about the tastes and preferences of consumers that visit the platform.
  • Constant reinforcement of the brand images of participating companies through continuous promotion.
  • Support in the process of internationalisation through a direct sales channel from manufacturer to consumer with no need for intermediaries.
  • An opportunity to be involved in what has become the benchmark for the Spanish lighting sector.


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