LED & SMART technologies

LED is found more often than not in lighting nowadays and there has been a surge in products taking advantage of SMART technologies. Both are being progressively included in all types of lighting from classic to modern styles. The increasingly higher technical sophistication encourages more and more Spanish companies to continue to include this eco-efficient technology that is guaranteeing a longer life span.


Ranging from shades to ceiling lights, wall lamps or floor lamps, Spanish designers have transformed lamps into the ideal field for artistic inspiration and creativity. Nowadays, the sector contains manufacturers that have skilfully positioned their models in the market with the latest trends, differentiating and innovating with colours, original shapes and also advanced materials.

Contract Channel

The manufacture of a custom-made product, in order to satisfy the needs of a specific contract project, implies a new philosophy when working in the lighting sector and also establishes a new factor of competitiveness. Hotels, restaurants and hospitals have specific needs, and Spanish companies are increasingly offering customised products regarding both design and quantity.


Selling via an online distribution channel is more popular than ever, and it is essential to adopt an online strategy. It brings great opportunities to reach out to consumers, and even develop simpler internationalisation schemes. Our online platform of Lightingspain.com helps our companies to publicise to and interact with potential consumers throughout Europe.